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Best Badminton Rackets for Beginner and Intermediate Players

With such a wide range of products at market places, it can be challenging and difficult to find a good pair of rackets, because rackets should be bought according to skill level. But before we go to the point that which racket pair should be obtained, you should know basics to judge it-

1. Racket Head

Racket heads come in various shapes and sizes like circular, ovular, teardrop, etc. Their properties vary with the way, as in teardrop shape, main middle strings are longer than those available in circular and ovular, making it more bouncy and smash maker.

2. Balance point (Weight distribution)

Rackets are often judged based on a balancing point, which implies where the center of mass or balancing point of rocket mainly falls its quality. There are three types of balancing categories – Firstly, Even Balance, when the center of mass lies at the exact center of the racket.

Secondly, Headlight balance, when the racket falls a bit on the head side when you hold it from the center point. Last, Head – substantial Balance, when rackets center of mass is hard to find or undetectable. Without balanced badminton, your game as well going to be unbalanced.

3. Weight

A massive racket is challenging to handle in comparison to a lighter one. But if your badminton is too bright, then it might be flying in the air with your shuttlecock. Therefore, 75 grams to 90 grams is preferable.

In professional terms, two weights are designated: 3U (85gram to 89 grams) and 4U (80 grams to 84 grams). Singles most commonly use 3U as they give a bit extra power to the player while hitting the shot. Whereas, doubles players use 4U as they offer you incredible speed.

4. Shaft Flexibility

The flexibility of shaft is as essential as Balance point as your speed, arm movement, and wrist movements depend upon it. If you do not choose one accordingly, it will be a considerable loss, as it can lead to injuries.

These were the basics we think one should be aware of before buying a pair of rackets. Now, which badminton rackets you should buy according to your skill level? Then we are here to answer this question.

Best Rackets for Beginners and intermediate players

1. Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus 3U-4U

Yonex is a leading producer of badminton rackets and equipment. The quality of their product is definitely above the average level, making them the best badminton rackets for beginners. If you started playing recently or new to this game, this is the right choice. In this product, the carbon nanotubes are placed on the rackets’ sides, which helps to improve the elasticity of the badminton. Also, the string takes very less time to reach its mean position after a shot, which enhances its durability.

Pros of product

  • Light in weight, help you to make incredible smashes.
  • High durability, string quality is good, and the product is available with a padded frame, which will avoid breakage.
  • Good quality, Gripping, G4 grip, which does feel slippery in sweaty hands.
  • Titanium elastic enhances the breakage resistance.

Cons of product

  • Beginners racket, hence can’t be used by pro players.
  • Powerful shots can’t be made using it.

2. Yonex GR 303Badminton Racket

This product is for the players who know the basics but still working on their skill enhancement. Moreover, it is an economical product, and its features never disappoint if you are fast switchers. More accurate smashes can be made as its aluminum body is lightweight.

Pros of product

  • Good grip, which allows you to put your whole strength in your shots
  • High durability and overall product quality, including strings, body material, grip size, etc. are good.
  • Good quality Gripping provides your comfort level with rackets as well.

Cons of product

  • Beginners racket, hence can’t be used by pro and advanced level players.
  • Not so good for smashes.

3. Cosco CBX-450 Badminton Racket

As like Yonex, Cosco too offers incredibly strong and good quality badminton equipment. This racket can give you a fantastic gaming experience if you are new to this game. It is made up of graphite and good quality string, which helps a player improve his/ her overall skills and techniques. It is an excellent product for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly item.

Pros of product

  • Light in weight, help you to make incredible smashes.
  • High durability, overall product quality, including strings, body material, grip size, etc., are good.

Cons of product

  • A weak grip, grip quality is a bit disappointing when you compare it with overall product quality.
  • Maybe from top to bottom, the product is good, but it can disappoint you when it comes to powerful shots.

4. Yonex Nonoray 20

If you are looking for a budget-friendly with a high-quality racket, then this is made for you. Its graphite frame and high flexibility offer you fast speed and incredible shots if used with proper techniques and tactics. Its balanced weight and length make it easy to use the product.

Pros of product

  • Fast swings, can help to enhance your defense techniques.
  • Powerful shots can help you to make good shots.

Cons of product

  • High speed and flex can make it challenging to use for beginners.
  • Its unique body design can make you feel uncomfortable.

5. Yonex Duora 10

It may not be the fastest intermediate level racket, but it helps to defend incredibly according to your defending skills. It is undoubtedly good in terms of speed and power, which makes it not so suitable for beginners.

Pros of product

  • Powerful and fast shots can help you to make good smashes and can enhance defending techniques.
  • Light in weight and have high durability.

Cons of product

  • High speed and flex can make it challenging to use for beginners.
  • It requires time to get used to because of high speed and power factors.

After knowing about products, there are some essential aspects to consider, like budget, racket material, shape, and original features. Hence accordingly you should purchase a racket.

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