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Top 5 Best Badminton Rackets for Intermediate Players 2020

After learning the proper badminton game, the next immediate thing you have to do is choosing the right badminton racket for you to stay ahead of the game.

You have already crossed the “beginner stage“, and now you are an “intermediate player”. So let’s check some of the best intermediates badminton rackets.

Best Badminton Rackets for Intermediate Players

Intermediate players can choose these top class badminton rackets with best features.



For starters, every coach recommends slightly heavier racket to practice the techniques and season their arms for proper power and agility. Once you have learned the swings and clears, you can get into the phase of sharpening your skills. This is where you have to upgrade your equipment levels.

Once you are clear about the game, you will know what parameters to be considered before buying the best matching racket for you. However, each player will have different requirements.

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Here, I have cherry-picked the top 5 best badminton rackets for intermediate players with varied specs for aimed at different people. So to choose the right one, you have to be clear about the differences in the performance characteristics as the result of their varied characteristics.

Read them all to decide which one is made for you!

Top 5 Best Intermediate Badminton Rackets 2020

Here are the best feature-rich badminton rackets perfectly suited to intermediate players.

#1. Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket

Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket for Intermediate players

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This is one of the best “value for money” rackets designed for elite players looking for precision and durability during intense games. Like most high-end rackets, this is made entirely of carbon fiber material, ensuring high robustness without increasing weight. This also helps in increasing the string tension without deforming the frame.

The next interesting thing about this racket is its weight. Since the whole construction is made from the carbon fiber material, the racket weighs just 85 grams, making it well suitable for prolonged gaming without hurting the wrist. The weight balance is shifted towards the head, passing more power for better smashes.

Like very few rackets in the market, this one comes with an in-built T-joint and stiff shaft. This ensures the racket is free from sudden breakage or getting loosened. The mix of heavy head and stiff shaft ensures balanced power and control.


  • Made of high-quality carbon fiber – high strength within less weight
  • Weigh just 85 grams – You won’t feel the fatigue
  • Overall construction perfectly balances power and control
  • The grip is not too soft, ensuring good power without compromising on grip
  • The heavy head is good for power smashes
  • Rigid shaft ensures greater control
  • In-built T-joint ensures strong build and avoids sudden failure


  • The frame feels a little delicate
  • Little pricey than its competitors

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a racket that has perfectly balanced power and control, and you don’t worry much about the higher price tag, this one is for you. It has all the elements to satisfy a mid-level player. The lightweight construction, medium stiff shaft and the isometric head gives it an all-round performance. The grip of the racket is really good to provide an ample level of comfort without compromising speed and control.

Overall, it’s a well-balanced racket comes at a premium price tag.

#2. Senston N80 Graphite Badminton Racket

Senston N80 Graphite Badminton Racket for Intermediates

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The badminton racket series made by senston are mostly made of carbon fiber material making it light without compromising on strength. In particular, the N80 racket is a great choice for beginners and intermediate players in the price range.

So what makes it intermediate player friendly?

The isometric head construction provides more space for the sweet spot, making it go through higher hit rates. Also, the string is not too tight. The tension remains around 25 lbs, which is not too stiff. This allows the shuttle cork to stay a little longer on the racket’s heading, allowing better control.

The light frame and medium flex shaft allows you to react quickly to the oncoming shuttle cork, and can greatly manipulate the return direction and power, earning accurate placements and powerful drop shots.

Since the head and shaft is made of carbon fiber, the overall weight of the racket remains under 90 grams. Also, the inbuilt T-joint lessens the possibility of breaking or loosening.


  • Strong carbon fiber ensures less weight and high strength
  • Overall weight is pretty less at 80 grams approx – highly responsive and agile
  • In-built T-joint avoids unwanted breakage or loosening
  • The isometric head allows more surface area to increase the hit rates
  • String tension at 24-26 lbs. is not too tight or too loose – an intermediate player friendly
  • Available at 9 different color options
  • You will get a full-sized cover – better portability


  • The quality of grip is not that great – you can use custom grips to match your requirements

Bottom Line

Overall, the Senston N80 ticks all the right boxes for a good badminton racket for beginners. Some features like lightweight and sturdy construction, isometric head, and medium stiff strings make it a great badminton racket for intermediate players. The lightweight character allows the intermediate players to use the skill they have learned from those heavy rackets.

Don’t worry about the aesthetics, as the racket is available at 9 different shades to choose from.

For the price paid, you won’t get disappointed with the quality and durability it offers.

#3. Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket

Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket for Intermediate players

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Yonex muscle power 3 is a great entry level racket to satisfy the needs of a beginner and intermediate player. The racket falls in the 3U weight category, weighing 90-95 grams. The frame of the racket is made of aluminum while the shaft is made with graphite and carbon fiber. The heavy construction of the racket makes it live typically longer.

The frame used here is isometric, which focuses on a higher hit rate. But the heavier construction and medium flex shaft allow more power to the head, which is great for hitting some nice smashes.

The combination of isometric head and heavy construction gives it an edge over its competitors in the same price range. The features are just aimed at starters and recreational players.


  • Heavy nature promotes powerful smashes
  • The highly affordable price tag makes it a hot seller
  • Medium stiff shaft gives the best mix of power and control
  • The strong build makes it highly durable
  • The isometric head provides a larger sweet spot area


  • Overall height is a bit short than other Yonex rackets – You can feel the difference in the swing
  • The racket is heavy – not for prolonged gaming sessions
  • String tension is on the lower side – not for tournaments
  • Not for advanced users

Bottom Line

On the whole, the Yonex Muscle Power 3 is a great choice for beginners and recreational players. If you use it for casual gaming and for practice sessions, you won’t get disappointed. The solid build actually can live longer than expected. However, the string tension is on the lower side making it unsuitable for elite players. So, if you are looking for a racket for real tournaments, you should consider something premium.

#4. Champion Sports Double Frame Badminton Racket

Champion Sports Double Frame Badminton Racket for Intermediates

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This racket is manufactured by Champion sports is admired for its sturdy nature and wonderful value for money for the features it offers.

The double steel shaft ensures great rigidity and strength and twist resistance. But the use of a double shaft has increased the weight of the racket substantially. It has a tangential intersection of the dual shafts with the frame rather than a traditional T-joint which is prone to get broken.

This racket is tightly stringed with a heavy duty nylon string at 18-29 lbs. tension. Though it’s not as stiff as other string cores, it’s still good for beginners and intermediate players. It also has better ergonomics with a dimpled hand grip of standard G4 size. The dimpled grip offers utmost comfort and stays intact in your palm.


  • Strong build for prolonged lifespan
  • Double shaft offers impeccable strength and twist resistance
  • Nice dimpled grip for comfort and control
  • Nylon string with 18-20 lbs. of tension is decent enough for intermediate players
  • The frame is strong enough to hold the string at extra tension than the one provided in the stock
  • No problems due to external T-joints


  • Dual shaft construction makes it considerably heavier than its competitors. However, it helps in smashes
  • Though the frame is strong enough to hold extra tension, the stock racket comes with low tension nylon string
  • Weighs over 100 grams
  • Not suitable for prolonged gaming – weight contributes fatigue

Bottom Line

Champion sports double steel frame is one of the best rackets around the world for the price paid. The build quality is just awesome and nothing to complain about. The strong build translates into prolonged lifespan.

If you are looking for a durable racket for recreational use and practices, this one can teach or improve your skill set with ease. Though it is heavy, the feedback offered is not bad and holds well in your palm.

The heavy nature of this racket is not friendly for serious tournaments. If you are looking for a sturdy racket for recreational use or in the mid-level of expertise, this one ticks all the right boxes.

#5. Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket

Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket for Intermediate players

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Yonex Voltric a fantastic racket made for smooth and powerful defense. The racket is known for power and speed, but not as great as the voltric 80. The unique Tri-voltage system by Yonex provides fast movements without compromising on power.

The frame of the racket is made of graphite and tungsten, and the total weight of the racket is at 83 grams, that is surprisingly light to quick maneuvers when needed. The isometric construction allows more space for the sweet spot, increasing the hit rates. The string tension is at 24 lbs., which is not too tight or too loose.

This allows you to hold the shuttle cork for a while to make accurate placements. Coming to the power department, this racket really excels in terms of hard smashes. You don’t have to be so strong to do that, as the Tri-voltage system takes care of it.

This racket even comes with a slip prevention cap that helps you in holding the racket firmly during those hard swings.


  • Lightweight racket – weighs just 84 grams
  • Great power – easy to convert a defensive play into a power shot
  • There’s no compromise on speed – defensive playstyle becomes easier
  • The shaft is no too stiff – offers great control
  • Provides excellent cork control by retaining the cork on the frame for a little extra time
  • Decent string tension at 24 lbs. – not too stiff or too loose
  • Comes with a slip prevention cap with the grip – You don’t have put more effort to hold it
  • Isometric head for an enlarged sweet spot – Increased hit rates
  • The frame supports easy restrings


  • Not as powerful as the Yonex Voltric 80
  • Hard to use without understanding the technique
  • String tension could have been better

Bottom Line

Yonex Voltric 7 is an excellent racket for mixed power and control. You can use it for defensive as well as offensive play style if you just got the sync with the racket. The solid control and anti-slip cap with the grip inspire more confidence during hard swings. For roughly half the price of voltric 80, this one really holds good value for money. Also, the construction is robust, making it a piece that is built to last.

Overall, a great racket with great power at an affordable price range.

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