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Why Merino Wool Is The Ideal Travel Fabric

It seems the more frequently you travel the more trends you notice among your fellow explorers. Merino wool clothing has gotten incredibly popular over the last decade. However merino t-shirts aren’t just a fashion statement, there’s a reason why more and more travelers are including them in their luggage and have been for decades. Here […]

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Top 5 Best Badminton Rackets for Intermediate Players 2020

After learning the proper badminton game, the next immediate thing you have to do is choosing the right badminton racket for you to stay ahead of the game. You have already crossed the “beginner stage“, and now you are an “intermediate player”. So let’s check some of the best intermediates badminton rackets. Best Badminton Rackets for […]

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The Best Flannel Shirts You Can Buy In 2020

Flannel shirts have had something of an image problem in recent times and as per usual, it’s the hipsters’ fault. For a few years, this classic type of shirt couldn’t escape the connotations of the artisan coffee-drinking lumbersexuals who wore them everywhere they went. Fortunately, they’re being re-evaluated again, because this garment is, without doubt, an unsung […]

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12 Best Merino Wool T-Shirts for Men & Women

Merino wool is nature’s finest performance fabric, able to fight odor, wick moisture, regulate body temperature, and protect you from the sun’s UV rays from sunrise to sunset. We’re not saying merino wool is magic. But we’re not saying it isn’t, because when you weave merino wool into a t-shirt, it’s a magical experience. Merino wool […]

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Best Merino Wool Shirts (For Men And Women)

Merino wool shirts are always a good purchase, and frequent travellers know why. They don’t absorb moisture, they don’t retain odors and they are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. A single merino wool shirt can easily replace three cotton ones, and free up a lot of space in your luggage. At A Glance: Our Top […]

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Best Merino Wool Brands for Travel Clothes in 2020

Merino wool is one of the best fabrics for travel because of its unique ability to adapt to weather conditions, dry quickly, absorb odors, and feel comfortable on the skin. When it comes to travel-ready fabrics, few are better than merino wool—especially if you prefer to avoid synthetics and stick to natural fibers. So, it […]

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What are the Benefits for Hikers & Ultra-minimalist Travellers?

Merino wool t-shirts have achieved cult status amongst hikers, backpackers, and ultra-minimalist travels, because they pack down well, and their performance qualities mean that you can reuse them day after day without odor. In fact, in extreme conditions, experts caution that “cotton kills”, and advise wool as a base layer. Antibacterial Properties We all hate […]